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Campfire Headcanons

Hi it’s nightsky and I kinda wanted to share some of my headcanons for the Camp Half-Blood campfires. Obviously they’d be epic!

Am I too obsessed? No, pfft, of course not! Anyway, enjoy!

  • firstly, marshmallows and s’mores are an unquestioned tradition at the campfire
  • percy always asks the Iris cabin to turn his marshmallows blue, while Annabeth rolls her eyes
  • often people go into the forest to find sticks to roast marshmallows on
  • there are full-on fights for the best roasting stick sometimes
  • “yo guys I found a good stick-” “ARES CABIN ATTACK!!”
  • needless to say, Clarisse nearly always ends up with the straightest, longest campfire stick
  • but Grover and all the satyrs always find great sticks too (possibly because they can grow them with their pipes)
  • “Grover, man, I’m your total best friend! just grow me one teeny stick, pleeeeease?” “No Percy, we’re friends but we’re not that good friends”
  • everyone has to sacrifice their best s’mores to the gods in the campfire
  • the Great S’more Fight happened in the year the Seven got back from their quest, and is still talked about to this day
  • literally no one escaped the campfire that night without getting gooey marshmallow all over them
  • it was a full-on war
  • obviously the Apollo cabin leads the campfire songs, and they know all the words
  • Will Solace sings really loudly and often out of tune, much to Nico Di Angelo’s annoyance
  • “Solace, you take requests?” “sure, Di Angelo, what’s the request?” “to shut up.”
  • Will asks Nico if he can do any better, and then Nico finally consents to sing a song
  • and damnn he’s actually a decent singer
  • Hazel, Reyna and Jason are so proud and Will’s just blushing really hard but he says it’s just heat from the fire
  • often the songs everyone sings are old Greek ones, but the Aphrodite cabin seem to know a hell of a lot of dirty rap songs
  • every now and then one of them will stand up and do this super dirty rap and Chiron just rolls his eyes and mutters about ‘kids these days’
  • Leo and Jason once had a dance battle in front of everyone, and it ended with Jason doing the splits and Leo accidentally setting himself on fire
  • the Hermes cabin are usually the ones who start a game of truth and dare
  • it usually ends with a camper choking from trying to stuff ten marshmallows in their mouth, or two people making out (one of them is usually from the Aphrodite cabin)
  • Percy can never live past the fateful day he got dared into singing ‘under the sea’ and no one ever lets him forget it
  • Connor and Travis have the record for Most Stupid Dares, and they’ve never yet turned down a dare
  • basically, “i dare you to – ” “i accept.” “you don’t even know what the dare is yet!!”
  • Mr. D will never forget the time Connor stole his diet coke and accidentally dropped it into the campfire
  • he has a long-standing grudge against the Hermes cabin now
  • and of course the campers do spooky stories
  • Leo is in charge of the campfire effects, making the fire go huge really suddenly as a jump-scare
  • it’s hard to say which cabin does the best spooky stories, but Nico definitely does terrifying ones
  • he once made Clarisse scream, but she always denies it when asked
  • and then the stories get more personal as the campers talk about their parents and how school sucks when they go home
  • and everyone can relate to being teased – for dyslexia, for ADHD, they get it
  • sometimes the campers can convince Hestia to come in the campfire and talk with them, but only when the flames are really low and calm
  • and at the last campfire of the summer everyone’s hugging and crying, because they all know each other better than anyone knows them in the mortal world
  • literally a camper kid that you’ve only ever spoken two sentences to will come and hug you, it’s great
  • basically, the campfires are great and if I could attend even just one in my life, I would die happy




THIS IS BRILLIANT. Like actually brilliant! I am living for thisssssss.
Percy Jackson is literally my biggest bookish fandom so YES.

6th Apr, 18

Thank you! I'm also kinda obsessed with that fandom and good to know we're not alone huh!

7th Apr, 18

These are so good!

9th Apr, 18

Ahaha thank you!!

10th Apr, 18

That is me.....
no need to say any more

24th Apr, 18

Aw haha same. I so wish I could just hang out with the demigods, just for a day would be amazing!!

26th Apr, 18

Please let me be a half-blood. Please.

23rd Aug, 18